Rapid Orthopedic Consultation Clinic

Introduced in July 2013, the Rapid Orthopedic Consultation Clinic (ROCC) has evaluated thousands of patients. If not for the ROCC, these patients would have not been seen – and would still be waiting.

The ROCC is composed of two basic components:

  1. Centralized Referral
    All patients are referred to one location. If an expedited consult is requested, POSM determines the shortest path to consultation.


  2. Screening
    All consultation requests will be seen by expert musculoskeletal physicians. These physicians examine, investigate and treat. Most patients referred to POSM do not need surgery. Patients that do need surgery are referred to POSM operative surgeons.
Referral Form Fillable Referral Form

This process results in faster treatment for all patients

If your patient wishes to avoid the screening process and see a surgeon directly please indicate this on the referral form. The patient must understand that the wait for consultation with a POSM surgeon varies depending on the diagnosis and the specific surgeon but can be between 6 and 12 months.

Expedited Care Options

Hours of Operation

Office hours: M-F 9-4
Phone hours: M-F 9-4

Referral Forms

Referral Form (pdf)
Fillable Referral Form (pdf)
Braces and Orthoses Referral (pdf)